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  Sunday, July 21, 2019  
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BEANSTREAM Reconciliation

1. Log into Beanstream via http://www.beanstream.com/website/index.asp

2. Click on MEMBER LOGIN button.

3. Login using your Beanstream login information, click LOG IN

4. Choose> Reporting Analysis

5. Choose> Transaction Report

6. Adjust START and FINISH DATES to match your bank statement.

7. Click REFRESH button on bottom of screen

8. This is where you will be able to see each transaction, click on transaction to see more details.

(who paid, contact information, etc)


These payments can also be matched to a report in ITRegistrar

1. At the Control Panel click on ITRegistrar

2. Then choose Financial Reports tab.

3. Click on Registration New Payment Report, choose the correct season you are working on and Search

4. From the chart click on the number for Complete Registered, Full Payment and the invoice list will appear.

5. At the bottom of the report you can open an excel file and sort by authorization code or date.

*Note that the Authorization Code corresponds with the Transaction ID in the Beanstream report.

**Remember to also open the Voided, Incomplete, Complete No Registration and Credit Invoices.

***Please note that there may be up to 7 days between the transaction and the deposit to the bank.

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