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Announcing the ITSportsNet Referral Rewards Program

Word of mouth is a powerful sales tool and at ITSportsNet we get a lot of new business because of recommendations from our customers and users.  Starting July 1st, 2010, any new subscriptions that are referred to us from current customers or users are eligible for our Referral Rewards Program. 

How it works

Potential customers contact ITSportsNet for information about our services.  Our Sales Team will ask how they heard of us and record that information.  If they were referred to us through an individual (current or former board member, administrator, parent or player) and the lead becomes a customer, then that individual will receive a gift card based on the payment of the first invoice only.  Simple as that!

What kind of Gift Card?

A choice of gift cards will be available from the following retailers:

- Canadian Tire

- Wal-Mart

- Sport Chek

- Best Buy

- Future Shop

- Superstore

- Or any gift cards available at Safeway

How much will the Gift Cards be for?

Gift card amounts depend on the invoice value, but will range from $25 to $100.  Minimum invoice value is $500 before GST.

Can I donate my referral reward to KidSport or another sports related charity?

We'd be happy to donate your gift amount to an organization like KidSport, whom ITSportsNet supports. 

When would I receive my gift card?

Gift cards will likely be sent out once a month, at the end of the month.

Will multiple referrals be eligible?

Yes!  There is a limit of one gift card reward per referral, but any new referrals by the same individual are eligible for the program.  New referrals cannot be existing or past customers.

Who is ineligible for the Referral Rewards Program?

Employees or board members of existing governing body accounts are ineligible to refer their own member organizations since ITSportsNet will be actively marketing within that organization.  However, they can be eligible if they refer business to us from outside of their organization.  Contact us if you have questions about eligibility.

Spread the word!

If you’re a satisfied user of our system and you know of an organization that could also benefit from our tools then tell them about us!  If they sign on with us, we’ll send you a gift card of your choice!t

ITSportsNet reserves the right to make changes to the Referral Rewards Program at any time.

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