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JetPay Setup Steps

Step 1: Contact ITSportsNet to see if a Online Merchant Account is right for you

Contact your ITSportsNet Sales or Support Representative to inquire if you will qualify for an ITSportsNet/JetPay Merchant Account.

Step 2: Customer receives and fills out ITSportsNet and JetPay forms

Complete the ITSportsNet and JetPay Merchant Application and return to ITSportsNet.

ITSportsNet Forms:

    • Online Registration Setup Form

JetPay Forms & Documents:

    • JetPay Merchant Services - Merchant Application & Agreement
    • Bank Disclosure
    • Proof of non-profit status (must provide 501 (3)c)
    • Copy of drivers' licenses for principals

Step 3: JetPay reviews and issues Merchant Accounts

JetPay will review your form and run a credit check on your organization. JetPay will than submit your application for final approval by their partner banks and with 3 business days you will be issued a MerchantID Number.

Step 4: Review ITSportsNet Online registration

You will be sent an email indicating that your new ITSportsNet registration is setup. You will be provided with a link and ask to review your Online Registration (your account will be in test mode and no transaction will go through).

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