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Banner Graphics Information

To customize your website, you two options:

Create your Own Graphics

Purchase ITSportsNet's Custom Graphics Package ($249.99)

Create Your Own Graphics

To customize your site, you can create your own graphics. Below you will find the names, descriptions and recommended sizes for your graphics. Once you have created your graphics, click on the Banner Graphics tab in ITWebmaster and follow the instructions.  NOTE: You will likely want to adjust your site settings to update the background colours of your website to match your graphics.

Graphic Name
(Case Matters!)
Graphic Description
Graphic Size
Placed in the top left of your website, usually identifying the name of your organization

Width: 290 pixels
Height: 95 pixels

This is the connector graphic between your logo.gif and your rightLogo.gif
It can be quite thin, because it will repeat. This allows the website to look consistent on different size screens

Width: 10 pixels
Height: 95 pixels

Placed on the top right of your website, usually identifying your organizationís sport(s).
Width: 460 pixels
Height: 95 pixels

Part of the menu system, placed above the menu items.
Width: 158 pixels
Height: 47 pixels

Part of the menu system, placed below the menu system
Width: 158 pixels
Height: 24 pixels
The background to your buttons can be customized to your exact preferences.


Width: 200pixels
Height: 10 pixels


The bullet that goes before each menu item
Width: 8 pixels
Height: 14 pixels


Placed below the entire menu system

ITSportsNet's Custom Graphics Package ($249.99)

For just $249.99, ITSportsNet will create a custom set of graphics for your website.

Just supply us with:

  • Primary & secondary colours
  • Any existing crests/logos
  • Your ideas

In a few days, we'll come back to you with your website complete. All you have to do is add in the content!

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